Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just Patients

Patients. No matter what have patients. Life certainly has times where you just want to scream, and yell and act angry but that truly gets us nowhere. Being mad about things you cannot help it's such a foolish thing to do, because we cannot control the things we dislike, but we can control out dislike of things. I think that is key,

I took a trip to Redding, Ca just recently and we stayed in this beautiful hotel. We plopped dwona dn boy was it a change, finally a few days to just relax. Anyways, we had a lot of fun that day and right before bed my wife and I decided that we were very thirsty.. So I grabbed a few dollars and headed out to use the hotels vending machine, put my money in selected what I wanted and out it came. Then I put in another dollar and it instantly got stuck! So I reached in my pocket grabbed a quarter and trying to use it to try and grab the dollar, but try as I might the dollar was stuck.

It could have been very very easy for me to have just gone to the front desk and told them it was broken.. I could have gotten mad and upset about my lost dollar.. But I thought..what happens when I lose a dollar in a machine? What really happens.. Sure I lose a dollar.. Maybe I don't get my drink after all.. but what else happens? Someone else can have my dollar, maybe a worker who fixes it can fix it and get a free dollar..

Point is when I looked at it in that aspec, it turned out the dollar wasn't nearly important to me than I thought. So a few hours went by and I decided maybe if I got some ice I could make ice water, so off I ent to the machine and as I turned the corner there was my long lost dollar just sitting there on the ground.. it seemed the machine had spit it out. The problem took care of itself